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Specialising in design, pre-press, platemaking & proofing

Ideas are the foundation of any successful print or packaging project. But before those ideas can become reality, they need to be turned into stunning graphics that will capture the attention of your target audience. At Independent Design & Graphics, we have a team of experienced graphic designers who can take your ideas and turn them into beautiful artwork that will make your print or packaging project a success.

We start by getting to know your business, understanding your goals and learning about your target audience. With this information in hand, we'll work with you to develop a design that reflects your brand and speaks to your customers. We can then provide you with a full press match proof to ensure that colours are matched and accurately recreated in the finished printed material.

Our services

In-house DesignPrepressProofingFlexo Plates Colour Matching

Unlike many agency designers, our design studio team is very knowledgeable about the printing industry. In particular, they are experts at designing all types of packaging, including corrugated cartons, which is one of the most challenging areas of printing. We have won awards for our expertise and our work is on the shelves of supermarkets across Australia and around the world. We also have the ability to produce short-run mockups for prototype approval. To complement your campaign, our design team can also produce a range of point-of-sale material. Our proofs are output on a high-end, meticulously calibrated digital proofer, so you can be assured of precise colour matching with the final printed product. Our costs are extremely competitive and we are happy to work with design agencies to adapt brand concepts into press-ready art that is guaranteed to work on press.

The easy availability of desktop publishing software can mean that printers are supplied with a wide range of file formats created by clients with differing skill and knowledge levels. Creating high quality printed work from these files is often a challenge. Our experienced operators send every art file they receive through a rigorous pre-flight check to ensure that all the potential problems are picked up before the job hits the press. If recurring problems are found, our staff are happy to talk to designers about preventing them in future jobs, saving you time and money.

We spend a vast amount of time on getting our proofing right. We know that print ready proofs mean faster sign-offs and happier clients. We will create a colour profile for your press and can then simulate any dot shape, screen frequency, substrate and ink type to produce an extremely accurate print to proof result.

By customising our platemaking to each job, we achieve better results for your printed work, with smoother gradients, more consistent solids, sharper text and clearer vibrant images. We partner with printers to achieve the best possible results on press.

There’s almost nothing more annoying than when a colour doesn’t quite match. Our expert team knows how to make sure the printer is calibrated correctly which will ensure the colours you see on your screen are accurately replicated on paper. Secondly, selecting the right type of paper or material is critical. Glossy paper tends to produce more vibrant colours, while matte paper tends to produce more subtle hues. Finally, choosing the right inks can make an enormous difference to the quality of the colour match. You can trust us to consistently produce your colour choice in large production runs without affecting quality.    


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